Diane Stein

Written by: Posted on :January 8, 2014 3:23 pm

diane stein

Diane Stein is a Reiki Practitioner, a Wiccan and a feminist.

She is also a healer and a psychic who has authored about 33 books.

Her books are about Reiki, Crystals and Gemstones, Natural Healing, Auras and Chakras, Karma etc

She is involved in Women’s movements and has written books on alternate healing, spirituality and metaphysics, mainly for women. She is an activist on women’s rights, gay rights, disability rights and anti-war movements.

A well known teacher/lecturer, she conducts workshops on natural healing and many more. With 30 years of experience behind her, she encourages women to empower themselves to become leaders, to make this planet a better, safer and a gentler place.

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