Heart Chakra Healing with the Angels

Written by: Posted on :May 13, 2016 12:29 pm

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

The heart chakra is one area where many people hold energetic blocks in the form of resentment, unforgiveness, lack of love, feelings of betrayal, grief and the like. We’ve all heard of someone being ‘hard hearted.’ Maybe we’ve been hard hearted at times too. Blocks in the heart chakra literally harden the heart and close all gateways to love.

The angels can touch our hearts with the unconditional energies of their love and heal its pain. However, they can only do this if we trust them and open ourselves up to them. Most importantly, we must be willing to let go of self pity and learn to view the concept of love in a higher light. Once we are willing to let old pain go, we make it easier for the angels to clear our hearts of old pain and to restore our heart centre to its original state of overflowing love.

  1. To heal our hearts, one of the first things we need to do is to build a relationship with the angels. Talk to the angels every day, just like you would talk to a trusted friend. Ask for their help in letting go of all pain associated with love. Ask for help with each of your relationships- parents, in laws, spouse, children, siblings, co workers and all other relationships. Ask for their help to bring in more love and light to each of your relationships. Alternately, you may write to them, pour your heart out to them and request them to guide you. Once you ask for help, you will receive it in different forms. You may wake up one day and realise that some relationships just don’t bother you anymore. Or you may feel differently about each relationship and view it from a higher perspective. This helps your vibration shift to a more positive level. As a result, the people in your life also begin to shift and heal. That’s the kind of power we have when we work on healing ourselves. Sometimes, if a relationship is just not serving a higher purpose and the other people in these relationships are not meant to heal as yet, they may leave your life (or maintain a distance)and continue on their chosen path while you enjoy your new life of love. It works differently for different people. But one thing is certain- when you start opening up to love, everything changes for the better!
    Heart Chakra Healing with the Angels
    Image by Darren L Carroll
  2. Invite the angels into your healing space whenever you give yourself Reiki. As you relax with Reiki, request the angels to work on you and to help you heal your heart in the best possible way. If you are currently experiencing painful relationships, see yourself handing over these relationships to them and ask them to work on it. If you carry painful memories from your past, see yourself handing these over to the angels and allow them to work on it. Don’t worry about how they will heal all of this. All the blocks and memories we carry are nothing but energetic imprints. When they are touched by the higher energies of love, they are transformed and healed. And this is not at all a difficult job for the all loving angels, provided we are completely open to healing ourselves. As the angels work on you, your Reiki session may feel more relaxing, you may heave a sigh of relief like you are letting go of a burden, you may feel very emotional and possibly cry or you might just feel very peaceful. Whatever you experience is perfectly right for you.
  3. Having crystal angel figurines made of rose quartz can also help heal the heart.This is something I experienced without my knowing about it. A friend gifted me a littlerose quartz angel figurine at a time when I was new to working with the angels. I loved it and happened to place it under my pillow every night for several months. Back then I had no clue that this was significant in any way. I did it only because it felt good having it under my pillow. In hindsight, I realised that a profound healing of the heart chakra occurred during the time period that I had the angel figurine under my pillow. I had let go of many unhelpful patterns during that time period, felt like a freer person and began to enjoy more love in my relationships. We are more open to healing when we are asleep and this is something you may want to try if you wish to experience deep healing.

It does not matter what exactly your issue is. Do not try to figure out how every single detail will work itself out, how you will achieve a complete healing or how your relationships will transform. That is not our concern. Our job is only to be willing to heal, communicate with the angels and to trust the path that they lead us on. All you need to do is get started and take one step at a time. Make the angels a part of your life and trust them to help you exactly as you need it. Blessings to you!

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Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at aanandaholistic@gmail.com. and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.

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