The Higher Chakras

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Article by Ashwini Chubé, Reiki Rays

After the end of the Atlantis era, the 5 out of 12 main chakras closed. That is because the Earth shifted its vibration to 3rd dimension from 5th and 6th or the higher dimensions. In order to ascend to the higher dimensions we need to activate all the 12 chakras including the 5 deactivated ones.

What are the higher dimensional chakras

Apart from the 7 main chakras we have 5 more which we will henceforth refer as higher chakras. They are as follows:

  1. Stellar Gateway
    The Stellar gateway is located roughly approximately twelve inches (30 cm) above the top of the head and has gold colour.Archangel Metatron works with this highest chakra. This chakra contains and holds all the experiences we have across all the lifetimes and is a gateway to what we call as the source. In literal terms ‘Stellar’ means related to stars and ‘gateway’ means an opening that can be closed by a gate. Hence this chakra is actually a gateway to the stars ie: the higher vibrations.
    This chakra is said to be 6th Dimensional chakra and stands for our access to the ultimate source. However once the ego starts seeping in this chakra will lose contact with the source. It is said to be the source of highest link linking to cosmos interstellar and is timeless. It is golden in colour and said to have representations of the spiritual achievements.
  2. Soul Star Chakra
    The Soul Star chakra is located six inches (15 cm) above the top of the head. Governed by Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst along with Archangel Mariel and Lavender this magenta chakra stands for divine knowledge and cosmic wisdom.
    This is said to be the 4th dimensional chakra. It is magenta colour representing the divine feminine of worldly knowledge combined with spirituality thus taking you towards cosmic wisdom. We connect through this chakra with the galaxies thus taking information from galactic source.
    Together the Stellar and Soul Star in balance can help achieve spiritual and earthly balance.
  3. Causal Chakra
    The Causal chakra is located three to four inches (8–10 cm) behind the centre back of the head. Above the crown is governed by Archangel Christiel and twin flame Malory this chakra is white and has feminine qualities of love, compassion, and intuition as well as purity. When you open to the higher consciousness of the great feminine energy, this chakra comes into relevance.
    This causal chakra is said to deal with the exploration of spirit and higher wisdom and opens when right brain is active because it enables us to see the big picture through power of intuition and creativity.
  4. Navel Chakra
    The Navel chakra is situated right at the navel (between sacral and solar plexus). Archangel Gabriel and hope is in charge of this bright orange golden chakra. The chakra governs divine masculine qualities of courage, strength, and protection of the weak summing up to empowerment. Hara or navel in the Japanese and eastern philosophy is a subtle centre just above sacral it stands for emotional harmony.
    Key chakra in digestion and absorption of food thus influencing metabolism in weight control.
  5. Earth Star Chakra
    The Earth Star chakra located below our feet six inches (15 cm) below the feet. Archangel Sandalphon works with this black chakra. It is located below our feet while walking. Normally this chakra is black but it can become magenta when activated. This chakra deals with nature awareness. It is the chakra of earthly existence and of rebirth and renewal.

Higher Chakras

How to access and connect to the source and higher energies of these Chakras?

There are several ways to do these exercises. Please note that there is no right or wrong approach. However activation of these chakras should not be taken lightly as this has lot to do with your life purpose and connection to the source. Once open these chakras will give you a lot of divine experiences and you should be open to it and respect the messages. Take your teacher or guru in consultation and proceed to be cautious. At any time if you feel aloof or disconnected ground yourself.

  1. With Reiki
    Connect to your higher self with the HSZSN and DKM. (If you are Reiki level 1, you may just call higher self in meditation.) Now visualise all the chakras one by one in each colour. Deep breathe and imagine each chakra getting soaked in the respective colour for approximate 2-3 minutes. It would be more advisable to see all 12 chakras in their respective colours in the following order:
    1. Earth star : Black
    2. Root: Red
    3. Sacral : Pinkish orange
    4. Navel : Golden Orange
    5. Solar plexus : Yellow
    6. Heart : Green
    7. Throat : Blue
    8. Third eye: Indigo
    9. Crown: Violet
    10. Causal : White
    11. Soul star: Magenta
    12. Stellar Gateway: Gold
  2. Unicorns
    Unicorns are loving beings of high dimension and are extremely beautiful and healing in nature. You can invoke them just like invoking any divine beings like angels. Light a candle if possible. Ask them to bless you and heal your 12 chakras going to each chakra at a time. In my articles on Unicorn Reiki I have explained various ways to reach them.
  3. Angels and Archangels
    Just as explained above each of the higher chakras has an angel governing it.
    • Stellar Gateway: Archangel Metatron
    Soul Star: Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst as well as Archangel Mariel and Lavender
    • Causal: Archangel Christel and Malory
    • Navel: Archangel Gabriel and Hope
    Earth Star: Archangel Sandalphon
    To open each of the chakras and heal and clear them, you can chose one chakra at a time and heal it for a week before moving to the next chakra. Light a candle of the chakra colour if possible and then invoke the angel by saying “Archangel ….please be here and help me heal this chakra“. Imagine yourself basking in the glory of this angel. Thank the energies and finish the meditation.
    You may alternatively ask angels to bless you just before you go to sleep so that they clean your chakras when you are asleep. The reason we are doing this is because your ego is asleep when you sleep and it can be a quick time for this meditation.
  4. Crystal therapy
    Black Tourmaline can help us ground ourselves as we open the Earth Star chakra in conjunction with Soul Star. The Stellar Gateway, the Soul Star and the Causal chakra, can only fully express their ability and be open if and only if the Earth Star is activated and awake.
    Blue Kynite can help bring peace. Angelite and Rainbow quartz can help open higher chakras and connect to the higher energies. Moonstone also can help connect to the chakras especially the Causal and the Soul Star.
  5. Sun Salutations
    I have loved this yogic exercise ever since my childhood days. It should be done only with guidance of a yoga teacher. The energy of Sun can help activate all the 12 chakras. Coincidentally, there are 12 steps in this exercise thus helping open all the chakras. The chant at the end of each set salutes the Sun in the ancient language of Sanskrit thus opening us to sun energy.

A minimum of 5 sets done every day will help in balancing all 12 chakras.
There are many chants to salute the Sun after each set of the exercise. You can chant any of the below:

  • Om Suryaya Namaha
  • Om Bhaskaraya Namaha
  • Om Adityaya Namaha

Finally I would like to say that, stay in high vibrations to open higher chakras. If you are in low vibrations the chakras will automatically close as they vibrate at a high frequency. Hope this article helps you to vibrate higher.

There is a lot more to the 12 chakras than written in this article. Diana Cooper has mentioned some beautiful meditations in her books and has a lot of material available to us. Always remember to keep yourself grounded when you do these exercises.

Stay in high vibrations!
Love and light to all!

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Ashwini Chubé

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