Chakra Cleansing – A Washing Machine Method

Written by: Posted on :September 2, 2016 2:17 pm

Article by Charuta Rajadhyaksha, Reiki Rays

One day while meditating I connected to my guardian angel and I got a clear message to clean my chakras. My logical mind instantly nodded “oh yes it’s been long time I have not cleansed my chakras.”

I began with a prayer and by setting intentions to cleanse my chakras. I invoked the presence of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

I also invoked presence of Swami Samartha (Indian ascended master).

I requested Reiki masters Dr. Mikao Usui and Hawayo Takata to be present and help me in this session.

I imagined myself sitting peacefully and grounded in huge violet coloured bubble of spiritual protection.

I then drew six huge Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki symbols around me – ie: front, back, above Crown chakra, below Root chakra, right hand side and left hand side. I love doing this as it helps me to feel flow of the Reiki energy to my body, aura and chakras from every angle.

Chakra Cleansing – A washing machine method

The very next moment I saw a huge red bubble, almost the size of 7 storey building. It was filled with water. The water was clean and still. A huge Cho Ku Rei symbol appeared from the top of the bubble and it gradually began submerging in the water. In no time, the ripple effect got converted into a whirlpool. Water was swirling clockwise and anti-clockwise rapidly.

This experience was unusual. Energies had taken complete control over chakra cleansing process. It was on auto pilot mode. I shut my conscious mind and surrendered myself to Reiki.

I realized my Root chakra was getting cleansed.

After sometime, the color of the water changed to black and once again water became still. I heard one voice instructing me….“Now drain it.” I obediently said “ok” not knowing how to do it. Next moment, a drainage pipe appeared at the bottom of the bubble and all the black water drained through it speedily. A sense of peace and lightness washed over me. I could see my Root chakra / red bubble clean, clear and shining.

I felt awesome.The energy quickly moved on to the rest of my chakras repeating this process.

The entire experience was awesome. I felt fresh, light and positive.

After this experience my conscious mind labelled this experience as ‘Chakra Cleansing – A Washing Machine Method.’


After pursuing an MBA in finance and having worked at corporate sector for eight years, Charuta gave up her finance career to pursue her passion for spirituality and swimming as full time career. Former national level swimmer now working as coach in Mumbai. She was highly intuitive and psychic since childhood. She realised these gifts and entered the world of healing. She is a Tarot card reader, Teacher and Angel card reading practitioner. She practises Reiki, Violet Flame healing and Angelic healing. She is also cofounder of Urja holistic healing along with a few fellow founders. She can be reached at +91 9619 661 368, or, Charuta’s blog – Mind power – and on Facebook at Urja Holistic Healing Group.

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