5 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Angels

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The angels are messengers, healers and protectors in the life of every person. They help us in difficult times and open the way to true and unconditional love. To get into someone’s life, they need to be invited.

Here are 5 ways to connect with the Angelic realm, that are easy to start, even for people who have little knowledge in this area.

Stones and Crystals

Wearing certain types of stones can connect you with the angels. Such as: lapis lazuli, pink quartz, amethyst and others.

A bell (bells)

According to some experts in this field, to call the angels is enough to ” hit ” the bell just 3 times in the same brief time interval.

Prayers and Meditation

They help in the spiritual connection with angelic beings. Moreover, those practices perfectly calm and clear the mind and spirit, which helps to sense more clear the angels around you.

Angel Cards

Using angel cards is an easy way for dialogue with the angels. You can insert a card under the pillow to receive message in a dream, or carry a card with you when you should take an important decision, to get guidance select three cards.

The use of candles in different colors

According to people dealing with angels, each color candle invokes a different angel. In some books are described precisely all colors and the angels that come with them. Candle in white, connects us to all the angels.

With the time, practicing this 5 steps, you will form a deep connection with the angel’s world and you will start to feel them all the time. The angels very often communicate with rhymes, or song. The easiest way to hear them, is when you turn off your conscious mind- relaxation, concentration and meditation 🙂

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    1. Hi Wilma,
      Yes, repeated numbers are connected to Angels. We call them Angel numbers. These numbers are considered to be messages from Angels and Spirit Guides. Google them and you will find many links that explain the meaning of these numbers. Have fun reading about them.

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