Reiki, Self Doubt and The Practice Of Intuition

Written by: Posted on :July 27, 2017 1:39 pm

Article by Becky Hernandez, Reiki Rays

Self-doubt is a design of the ego. This is not something our spirits implemented. It is a very human, and mind based trait. It has some benefits but applied to the intuition it has no place.

As many sensitive people are, especially Reiki practitioners, one of the biggest practice is to trust not only that Reiki goes where it needs to go, but that what you feel, hear or see is through your intuition is accurate. With my students and many other people I have encountered, I find the hardest thing for practitioners to do is to trust their intuition. The biggest thing we practice is trusting the intuitive side of Reiki. Yes, Reiki always goes where it needs to, so you can always count on that, but to help your client even further, is to allow the guidance of Reiki to take you to certain areas of the body, chakras, and energy that need the most help. This practice of the intuition also helps you to communicate with your client on how they can continue their work, or to help them to release any other blocks of the mind, body, spirit. We all are capable of intuitive knowing, but the hardest part is to trust the feelings and senses you are receiving.

People that come to have a session, are wanting this release, this change and to receive. Whether they even know it or not, they have come for help, and I believe its part of your job to help in the best way you can. Practicing and allowing the intuition to come through is a beautiful and powerful part of Reiki.

Again, the hardest part is trusting what is already yours. This is not something you have to fight for, or “learn”. It is something that is already in you that you are allowing to blossom, by trusting. The practice is trusting.

Here are some ways to practice:

Start by closing your eyes, then visualizing a curtain (possibly black) in front of you, and your eyes, opening from the front to the side. This is an intention to open yourself up to the clearer dimension of intuition, and moving aside the mind.
You can also take a deep inhale, and exhale a cleansing white light through an energetic or visualized tunnel. Exhale this breath into the channel of communication. This also helps clear the channel of connection to your client.
Practice while working with someone, you don’t have to tell them anything if you don’t feel right about that, this is for you and the client will receive more help as well, without them even knowing. When you feel guided to go to a certain area on the client or you hear or feel certain messages, practice trusting what you hear, by allowing it. If you are doubting or hearing the ego come in, just practice pushing that aside.
You can also practice allowing the flow of intuition through writing. Automatic writing helps you to allow what you feel, see and hear but with a small distraction to the mind or pen and paper. Writing it out, eyes closed, and setting the intention to allow it to flow through you.
Practice through distance healing. This is a very powerful source Reiki practitioners have to connect to the energetic body and ethereal realms, to connect to the person’s higher self, angelic guides or angels. It is also a great place, with no pressure to see what you may see, feel or hear. You can use distance on yourself to practice as much as you want, or prior to a client coming to see you.
These are energetic tricks to move yourself (and the ego) aside, to allow for more clarity of sight and intuition. There are many other ways to practice this, these are just some options. Whether you resonate with these or other methods, I highly recommend you do practice. This not only helps the people you are working with but you as well. The more you pay attention to your intuition, the more you are guided to the highest good for yourself, others and the highest good for all.

I can’t stress enough that this is a part of all of us, and very strong with Reiki healers as the channel has already widened in your attunement. The hardest part is trusting. The practice is trusting.

Let me know how it goes!

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